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The “Tides of Trade: Harnessing Freight Derivatives in Dynamic Markets” Webinar is set to explore the evolving landscape of global trading and market volatility against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world. As we move into 2024, the financial and shipping sectors face unprecedented challenges and opportunities, from the rise of artificial intelligence in big data analytics to the increasing involvement of non-traditional investors in the shipping industry.


This webinar promises to unravel the complex interplay of factors shaping the future of trading and market dynamics.

Hosted by Philippe van den Abeele and Patrick Burke of Consortium Maritime Trading (Consortium Capital Group).

Tides of Trade: Harnessing Freight Derivatives in Dynamic Markets

9 April 2024
10:00 GMT/11:00 CET

The goal of this webinar is to address significant issues currently facing the freight derivatives market, rather than promoting any specific products or services.

In order to facilitate open and candid discussions, we will be observing Chatham House rules during the webinar.

We encourage you to send any relevant questions you have for our panelists in advance, either through the registration form or by emailing us ( anytime before the start of the webinar. Your input will help to ensure that we can address as many important topics as possible.

Topics for discussion

Independent FFA Association's Influence
Delve into the pivotal role of the Independent FFA Association in shaping the 2024 agenda, examining its milestones and the impact on the freight futures market. How has the association fostered a more collaborative and transparent environment, and what does this mean for market participants?
Black and Grey Swan Events: Can Those Risks be Mitigated ?
Explore the cutting-edge intersection of AI, big data, and market predictability. With the increasing occurrence of both black and grey swan events, how are advanced analytics reshaping our understanding and management of market volatility? Can technology truly anticipate the unpredictable?
Diverse Investment Landscape
Witness the burgeoning influence of non-shipping related investors within the maritime industry. What attracts these investors to the shipping sector, and how does their involvement alter market dynamics and investment strategies?
Carbon Derivatives and Environmental Accountability
How is the shipping industry preparing for emissions regulation compliance and environmental responsibility, and what role does the EU ETS play in this paradigm shift towards sustainability?
India's Market Potential
Assess the potential of India as a burgeoning powerhouse in the dry bulk market. With its vast population and growing economy, could India become the next major driver of global dry bulk demand?
VLCC Future Prospects
Contemplate the future of Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) in the global shipping arena. Are we witnessing the twilight years of these giants, or is there a resurgence on the horizon, promising another 10 years of dominance?

Webinar panelists

Frederic B.jpeg

Frederic Bouthillier
Head of Shipping, Vertis Environmental Finance

Combining more than 25 years of experience in the shipping industry worldwide, Frederic has worked as Chartering/Commercial Manager for important industry players and is also a founding member of the Antwerp Chartering Club. Frederic hands-on experience within the industry placed him in a privileged position to understand the challenges faced by shipowners and operators when it comes to environmental legislation. As Head of Shipping for Vertis Environmental Finance since May 2021, Frederic has helped multiple stakeholders to prepare for environmental compliance under the EU ETS as well as to set up voluntary emission reduction and energy efficiency programs to tackle their emissions.

Hugh Taylor.jpeg

Hugh Taylor
IFFAA Secretary & Freight Investor Services

Manager of Consulting at FIS. We help shipping clients prepare for admission into the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). We also help with developing hedging strategy in products such as fuel oil and Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs).

Other roles of interest: Secretary of the Independent FFA Association (IFFAA); project lead for Ukraine CARES charity; and mentor with The Kids Network supporting young kids facing additional challenges in their lives.

Qualified in matters related to derivatives trading and risk management. Background in commodities, corporate intelligence and translation. Extensive experience studying and working in Latin America and Southern Europe. MSc International Relations from UCL.

burak C.jpeg

Burak Cetinok
Head of Research, Arrow Shipbroking Group

Burak has close to 20 years of experience in the shipping industry. He started his shipping career in 2005 as a planning engineer at Turkter Shipyard, Tuzla. For the last 16 years, Burak has been working as an analyst in the shipbroking industry.


He is currently heading the research desk at Arrow Shipbroking Group from London. His role includes providing commercial and strategic advice to banks, ship owners, shipbuilders and charterers, as well as market analysis in the conventional shipping sectors.

Burak holds a BEng Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Southampton and an MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance from the Cass Business School. Burak is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Chris K_edited.jpg

Chris Kennedy

Partner, Bridge Alternatives

Chris is a Partner at Bridge Alternatives, where he focuses on business development with an emphasis on brokerage and capital raising.


Prior to joining Bridge, Chris was a Director within the Advisory Group of Societe Generale’s Prime Services division.

Philippe E_edited.jpg

Philippe Evrard
Consultant, Oil and Tanker Markets & Former GM of Total Chartering

Philippe Evrard has been the Principal of PEV Consulting in Switzerland since July 2019, leveraging his extensive experience in the energy sector. Prior to founding his consultancy, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Oryx Energies in Geneva from 2013 to 2019, initially as Managing Director before being promoted to CEO. His tenure at TotalEnergies spanned over two decades (1991-2012) in the Geneva Area, where he held several key positions including General Manager of Chartering, Crude Oil Trading Manager, SVP of Products Trading at Elf (which later became part of Total), and Processing and Crude Trading Manager for Sour and West Africa. 

Prior to Elf, Philippe spent 10 years in BP, where he held various positions in refining, crude and products trading .


Guillaume Perret
Perret & Associates

Guillaume is the founder and director of Perret Associates. He has more than 20 years of extensive experience in commodities trading. Before establishing his own consulting business, Guillaume set up and developed the coal and freight desk for the Germa utility RWE in Londonand traded grains for the international trading house Louis Dreyfus. 

Drawing on his extensive hands-on experience in front offices, Guillaume brings to bear detailed insights as well as comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the coal; and freight markets.


Philippe van den Abeele
Consortium Maritime Trading & Chairman, IFFAA

Philippe is the founder and CIO of Consortium Maritime Trading Ltd and has over 30 years of experience in commercial shipping and commodity derivatives. He has been instrumental in the development of the freight derivatives markets since 1985 and has held leadership positions at Clarkson Securities and H Clarkson. He co-founded and served as Managing Partner of Castalia Fund Management, and has held roles as the Past Chairman of the Freight Market Users' Group and a long-time member of the Baltic Exchange. Philippe is also Chairman of the IFFAA since its inception in 2023.

patrick B.jpeg

Patrick Burke
Co-Founder of Consortium Maritime Trading & COO, Consortium Capital

Patrick Burke, with a career rooted in finance and private equity, Patrick co-founded Consortium Capital Group in 2009 and served as CFO and Compliance Officer at various investment outfits until 2008. His experience extends to various sectors and industries. Having served as a Director of Burke & Novi (UK) Ltd (shipping) from 1998 to 2006, and being a Founding Member, CFO, and Compliance Officer of Change Capital Partners LLP (retail buyout firm) from January 2003 to May 2006. Patrick also sits on the board of Brack Capital Properties NV (real estate) after serving as Chairman of the company from 2014 to 2022. Previous roles also include Compliance Officer and Risk Monitoring Officer at Delcap Asset Management from October 1998 to Sep 2017 and co-founder of HAM & Co in 19976 which later evolved into Delcap Asset Management. His knowledge and experience highlight his foundational and ongoing roles in the asset management and private equity sectors.


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