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What we do Today

What we do 

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Our Market

Dry Bulk
freight markets

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Our Trades


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Our Scope

Producing superior returns in dry bulk and wet freight derivatives market

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Our Sector Strength

Decorrelated investment sector offering an effective portfolio diversification

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Our Instruments

Maritime financial freight products mirroring the cost of maritime transportation of bulk commodities

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Our Edge

Over 90 years combined experience in the shipping sector

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Our Maritime Sectors

 Dry bulk focus : Capes/ Kamsarmax/ Panamax/ Supramax

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Our Maritime Sectors

Tanker Focus: VLCC and Suezmax

Our Edge

Our Edge

Access to shipping with low capital deployment
In depth knowledge of cyclicality and seasonal factors 
Counterparty risk limited to leading international clearing houses 
Transparent reporting
Direct communication lines with largest physical players 
Direct access to pricing (cost effective and best execution)
Track record in creating successful businesses from inception over the past 25 years
Capital deployed in liquid and transparent markets 
Application of Mosaic Theory
Traders interests are aligned with investors
Optionality on investment structure chosen

Multi-generational history in the shipping industry 

Our Investment Strategy & Methodology

  • Trading Opportunities
    Identifying and exploiting commodity pricing changes and its direct influence and impact  on freight prices  

  • Directional Trading
    Long and short 


  • Price Inefficiencies
    Trade price differentials between derivative products


  • Statistical Arbitage
    Forward curve anomalies 


  • Safe Option Trading
    Covered calls and puts 

  • Geographical Spreads
    Atlantic v Pacific


  • Time Spreads
    Reflecting seasonality factors 


  • Tonnage Spreads
    Ratio trading opportunities 

  • In-depth analysis of  ‘Carry Strategy’ 

  • Systematic Trading using 4 Pillars : Fundamentals / Technicals / Shipping related data analysis / Portfolio simulation

  • In-depth market research and analysis combined with the proper use of risk management and hedging techniques

  • Exploit short term pricing discrepancies due to cash settlement interpretations. 

  • Liquid routes only

  • Max 15 months forward

  • Respect trending channels

  • No over-trading

Risk Management

Our Risk Management

Freight and freight related commodity derivatives on a cleared basis ONLY.

Money at Risk (MAR) : max 1 x NAV 

Clearing vs Market Pricing Risk  


Position limits and strict stop loss procedures 

Diversification of investment products

Cash flow and IRR protected by cleared freight forwards 

Volatility boundaries well established 

5 years forward cleared price curve (dry bulk)

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