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Berge Nord

Welcome to
Consortium Maritime Trading 

Virtual Shipping Trading Platform

Consortium Maritime Trading Limited is a privately owned limited liability company registered in the UK. The company trades in the maritime freight derivatives arena on a fully cleared basis and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a small UK AIFM.

The company was founded by Philippe van den Abeele and Patrick Burke in March 2014, producing consistently positive trading returns since then, even in 2016, when the market hit its lowest point in 30 years. Since January 2017 the business has grown fiftyfold thanks to a combination of successful fundraising and positive trading results. 

Key Points :

  • Knowledge and Experience

  • Focused Investment

  • Decorrelated Markets

  • Cleared Trades

  • Diversified Approach

  • Favourable Volatility

  • Solid Risk Management

  • Attractive dividend policy

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