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What we do Today

What we do 

  • Our Market : Dry Bulk and Tanker freight markets  

  • Our Scope : Producing superior returns in dry bulk and wet freight derivatives market

  • Our Instruments : Maritime financial freight products mirroring the cost of maritime transportation of bulk commodities

  • Our Maritime Sectors :     

       Dry bulk focus : Capes/Kamsarmax/Panamax/Supramax 
       Tanker Focus : VLCC and Suezmax

  • Our Trades : 100% cleared

  • Our Sector Strength : Decorrelated investment sector offering an effective portfolio diversification

  • Our Edge : Over 88 years combined experience in the shipping sector

Our Edge

Our Edge

  • Access to shipping with low capital deployment

  • Direct communication lines with largest physical players 

  • Application of Mosaic Theory

  • In depth knowledge of cyclicality and seasonal factors 

  • Direct access to pricing (cost effective and best execution) 

  • Traders interests are aligned with Investors

  • Counterparty risk limited to leading international clearing houses 

  • Track record in creating successful businesses from inception over the past 20 years

  • Optionality on investment structure chosen

  • Transparent reporting  

  • Capital deployed in liquid and transparent markets 

  • Multi-generational history in the shipping industry 


Our Investment Strategy & Methodology

  • Trading Opportunities - Identifying and exploiting commodity pricing changes and its direct influence and impact  on freight prices  

  • Directional Trading – Long and short 

  • Price Inefficiencies– Trade price differentials between derivative products

  • Statistical Arbitage – Forward curve anomalies 

  • Safe Option Trading - Covered calls and puts 

  • Geographical Spreads– Atlantic v Pacific

  • Time Spreads– Reflecting seasonality factors 

  • Tonnage Spreads – Ratio trading opportunities 

Risk Management
  • In-depth analysis of  ‘Carry Strategy’ 

  • Systematic Trading using 3 Pillars : Fundamentals/Technicals/Shipping related data analysis

  • In-depth market research and analysis combined with the proper use of risk management and hedging techniques

  • Exploit short term pricing discrepancies due to cash settlement interpretations. 

  • Liquid routes only

  • Max 9 month forward

  • Respect trending channels

  • No over-trading

Our Risk Management

  • Freight and freight related commodity derivatives on a cleared basis ONLY.

  • Position limits and strict stop loss procedures 

  • Volatility boundaries well established 

  • Money at Risk (MAR) : max 2 x NAV 

  • Diversification of investment products

  • 5 years forward cleared price curve (dry bulk)

  • Clearing vs Market Pricing Risk    

  • Cash flow and IRR protected by cleared freight forwards 

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